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  • Restaurant of good cuisine and high-level service
  • Organization of banquets, wedding and corporative parties
  • Receiving of tourist groups
  • Sauna with swimming-pool, infrared sauna, recreation-room, karaoke
  • Conference-halls, room for negotiations (the VIP apartment)
  • Mini-hotel, rooms
  • Our address: 2, Dostoyevsky str., Gatchina, 188300, Leningrad region, Russia
  • Tel: +7-81371 / 9-49-85
  • “Slavyansky Dvor” is placed in the historical center of Gatchina. You will find everything you need for your recreation and business here: the cozy restaurant of delicious cuisine, conference-halls and the room for negotiations, the rooms decorated in warm colors, comfortably furnished. For care of your beauty and health we offer you saunas, the Finnish one and the infrared one.
    Our tactful and attentive to your wishes staff will do their best to make your staying at the hotel pleasant.
    * * *
    The restaurant “Slavyansky Dvor” is a nice atmosphere, coziness and comfort according with fine service and delicious cuisine, which will surprise you with the variety of dishes, snacks, drinks and good cigars. We can offer you the large selection of cocktails, drinks, different sorts of beer from the wood and fine strong coffee.
    The high-level service, traditional Russian hospitality and individual approach to every guest, polite waiters, and interesting design create the impression of easiness and naturalness.
    The menu of the restaurant “Slavyansky Dvor” has a lot of interesting and appetizing dishes. Special dish from the house – sausages with stewed cabbage, grill and barbecue are especially tasty. Our restaurant is the Paradise for every sweet tooth. Various baking: melting airy patties, pastries, cakes (including cakes to measure), cottage loaves.
    You can come here to have dinner with whole your family: our menu contains dishes preferred by every age.
    The tourist groups could be received with pleasure at our restaurant. You need only to coordinate the menu with the tastes of the guests in advance. We can organize a banquet at the great banquet hall (from 120 up to 150 persons) or at the small dining-room (up to 50 persons), at the restaurant hall or at the hall on the first floor.
    * * *
    If you need to conduct a training, a presentation or a seminar, we can offer at your service the modern conference-hall and the room for negotiations.
    We will organize coffee-breaks, lunches and dinners for all the participants of the event.
    The room for negotiations (the VIP apartment), on the first floor, will let you conduct negotiations with your partners in comfortable atmosphere.
    The VIP apartment consists of two rooms: the room with a billiard table and the spacious cozy study beautifully furnished with the comfortable arm-chairs, the bar with necessary services and oval table. Your negotiations will be success in such kind of conditions.
    If you don’t like large and noisy companies and want to spend your leisure time in the close circle of your friends or to have lunch or dinner, watch a football match on the wide screen TV set and to play billiard, you can order the VIP room.
    * * *
    The recreation – is the best we can present to ourselves or to our dearest people. Here in “Slavyansky Dvor” we can offer at you service:
  • Sauna (the Finnish sauna and the infrared sauna)
  • Swimming-pool (with a duck and a drake made of celluloid: a nice joke from the two hostesses of “Slavyansky Dvor” – the director Marina Borisovna and the manager Rimma Afanasyevna Klebanova)
  • Two shower-rooms
  • The large recreation room with a TV set, karaoke and a music center
  • The recreation-room is comfortably furnished with soft leather sofas and a grand table made of wood. Here you can drink some tea or coffee, have a snack, watch TV, listen to the good music… and go again into the sweating-room or the infrared sauna – for your health!
    The company of 8 persons can get all these pleasures for 1200 roubles per hour, and the ninth person and every next will pay only 150 roubles per person.
    * * *
    The hotel rooms are decorated in warm colors, comfortably furnished including a TV set and a refrigerator. Coziness, silence, comfort, excellent room-service. We did our best to care for you. We offer you the throwaway complete sets of room-slippers, the throwaway complete sets for shower and brilliant sanitary engineering. We have provided for every trifle. You are always the best guests here!
    There is wireless free Internet, telephone in the hotel – you are always on-line. Also you can order champagne or dinner into your room.
    The price of the room is roubles a day (with breakfast).
    For Just-married who want to make their first night magic and unforgettable – after merry and loud wedding-party at our restaurant “Slavyansky Dvor” – we offer a room at wedding night as a gift.
    Moderate prices, neatness, coziness, care and sympathy. Nice view from your window, the atmosphere of easiness and placidity, the bell chimes… You sure will want to come back here again! Whoever you would come with – with your family, your friends or your dears – we guarantee you our care and attention.

  • Our address: 2, Dostoyevsky str., Gatchina, 188300, Leningrad region, Russia
  • Tel: +7-81371 / 9-49-85
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